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Zero-defect manufacturing approaches for optoelectronics and photonics – the iQonic project within Horizon2020

Zero-defect manufacturing approaches for optoelectronics and photonics – the iQonic project within Horizon2020

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  • On October 6, 2022
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In the context of the iQonic project, partners organized a final webinar to disclose an excerpt of the main results achieved after 42 months of hard work and collaboration in the domain of photonics related to Zero-Defect Manufacturing for optoelectronics and the photonics sector.  The webinar took place Thursday, September 22nd via the Microsoft Teams platform.

The webinar started with a short introduction about manufacturing topics in Photonics by Erik Beckert from Fraunhofer IOF, who is coordinator of the project. He explained that today photonics is very well known in different types of industries. However, Zero Defect Manufacturing approaches are not commonly used. This was the idea behind the iQonic project: to disseminate and make the use of photonics providing research and actual use cases originating from the project, in particular testifying that the use cases that partners in the consortium benefit from zero defect manufacturing components and solutions developed for the iQonic systematic approach. To develop this approach, the project started by following a system of zero-defect manufacturing scheme, provided by the literature and complementing the hardware technology with the analysis of data, and the prediction of these data in the value chain. All this is very important for photonics being a cross-cutting technology providing leverage effect in many markets.

The webinar continued with the presentation of some of the main technologies developed. It started with the novel scanning microscope from FORTH, presented by Sotiris Psilodimitrakopoulos. This microscope is able to reveal sub-surface damage in photonic chips. Manufacturing sensor data transfer and middleware to prepare and unify data for high-level processing were presented by Georgios Kauzas from Sensap, and Stefano Borgia from Holonix. The following presentation was given by Spyros Fourakis from CORE Innovation, followed by Nikolaos Markatos from Brunel University. They talked about early defect detection and anomaly modelling, presenting a manufacturing sensor data analysis system. ATLANTIS Engineering with Zisis Kyroudis presented the decision support system which combines actual and historic manufacturing data for predictive results. Finally, Ozan Emre Demir from Politecnico Milano presented a cyber-physical systems for lasers assemblies, which consist of digital twins for complex optoelectronics assemblies.

To conclude the webinar, representatives from two of the project use cases – companies PRIMA Electro and ALPES LASERS – answered some questions about the application of the above-mentioned technologies in their use cases and how these technologies, developed within the iQonic project, helps them to solve their manufacturing challenges.

Watch the video from out YouTube Channel here : iQonic_Final Webinar 2022