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iQonic partners: the role of Forth

iQonic partners: the role of Forth

  • Posted by Riccardo Gnudi
  • On May 5, 2021
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In this series of articles we take a deeper look into the activity of iQonic project partners.

An opportunity to understand and review the competences and excellences gathered by iQonic.


Which activities have you carried out in the iQonic project?

The main role of FORTH in the iQonic project includes a) contribution to the multisensorial data acquisition network for manufacturing of opto-electrical parts, b) development of the in-line inspection systems based on adaptive optics. c) contribution to the Integration of software – hardware platforms and tools. Moreover FORTH has been involved in the monitoring of strategies implementation and risk analysis, while participating in dissemination and exploitation activities of the project results.


 Which technology/ies have you developed and what is their potential use/benefit in the optoelectronic industry (industrial applications of your solution)?

FORTH has developed inspection and quality control systems based on adaptive in-process optics for real-time feedback and thin-layer quality inspection. Adaptive laser optics could provide feedback in the process flow and in the in-line inspection of manufacturing parameters. The technology provided by FORTH can have a strong impact in the optoelectronic industry while it can contribute to the optimized manufacturing efficiency by a high-end quality control monitoring in an ultra-fast and non-destructive way.


Which partners have you collaborated with the most?

FORTH has collaborated with Alpes Lasers and performed optical quality inspection in thin layers which are basic components of the Cascade lasers built by Alpes Lasers.


What is the core activity of your company and which technologies are mainly developed in the iQonic project?

The Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser (FORTH-IESL) is a multi-disciplinary scientific laboratory that focuses its research on fundamental and applied issues related to materials science and technology and laser interactions with matter. Particular emphasis is placed in the study of laser interactions with materials by employing novel ultrafast laser systems.

In the Ultrafast Laser Micro- and Nano-processing Laboratory (ULMNP) of IESL, which has participated in the project, research is focused on fundamental and applied issues related to laser interactions with matter and the development of advanced imaging techniques appropriate for thin films optical characterization for quality inspection. ULMNP is a world expert group in the field of laser micro/nano processing and functionalization of materials comprising highly skilled scientists. All this background has brought undoubtedly significant outcomes related to Laser-matter interactions and adaptive optics rising a breakthrough in the in-line inspection systems developed through the project.


What do you expect (Which benefits/progresses do you expect) from the iQonic project?

FORTH, providing the technology for optical inspection based on adaptive optics for inline product and process quality control, is going to exploit further its technology. FORTH will benefit through the licencing of the in-line optical control software and adaptive optics know-how on quality inspection. FORTH has already filed a patent of the optics tool, which aims to exploit it via paid licenses for the industrial players, e.g. quality inspection providers and control system developers.