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iQonic_Final Review meeting

iQonic_Final Review meeting

  • Posted by iqonic
  • On November 8, 2022

At the end of October, the iQonic Consortium met in Torino in the Prima Electro premises to hold the Final review meeting.

Figure 1 – Partners visiting the Prima Electro site

During the meeting all the iQonic results were disclosed to the European Commission officer and an external reviewer, by describing the technologies developed and the four project pilots that the technologies were applied to.

The review gave a wrap-up of the iQonic technologies, that can be divided into hardware and software focused components. Hardware components such as an electronic nose, a smart tagging system, a 3D scanning microscope, and data pipelines for the fast transfer of large amounts of information in real-time environments, aimed to create dedicated sensor data that reveal new type of information within photonic manufacturing processes, while the data pipelines are supposed to transfer those new information, along with classical manufacturing data such as image captures from various process stages, to a higher level manufacturing process control.

The higher level control is supported within iQonic by various software components that allow for an early prediction of manufacturing results, errors, and defects, and that enable data and Artificial Intelligence optimized user decisions for the process control.

The hardware and software components have been applied in various formats to four diversified application use cases that cover the whole photonics value chain. In the meeting impressive results have been shown, how particular challenges for the use cases, e.g. a component quality depended assembly, have been solved by iQonic’s innovative approaches.

Furthermore, at the end of the presentation the path forward for the project was envisioned. The exploitation routes for the iQonic innovations were presented. As a direct output of the impressive results achieved in the project, all the iQonic technology developers plan to exploit the developed technologies right after the end of the project. Specifically, the SMEs plan to use the iQonic results in their lines of business, using the iQonic technologies to improve their existing products and to develop new products. Also, the research and academic partners plan to use their results either through cooperation agreements or through licensing their Intellectual Property Rights to the industrial partners.

In addition, the consortium presented its’ progress towards establishing the iQonic Innovation Partnership that will focus on commercialising the iQonic innovations. Moreover, the roadmap to advance the Technology Readiness Level (TRL) of the iQonic technologies to TRL9 was presented. To this end, several funding sources were considered, and a funding timeline for the next 4 years was discussed.


Figure 2 – Partners at the Final Review meeting